The following Terms and Conditions were in effect from the Weople’s release date until October 17th, 2020

Summary of the agreement between you and Weople

  1. Weople is a service offered by Hoda. It provides you with a complete free service: an APP platform to achieve the following results:
    1. Weople helps you to act the most important rights of the GDPR (European law 679/2016) and works to guard and protect your data, always anonymously and with the maximum guarantee for your privacy;
    2. Weople commits to make you recover the greatest possible value from your data through investment and enrichment methods that respect your privacy, without ever transferring your personal data to third parties. Also, Weople gives the User 90% of the value generated by the investment, net of coverage of the structural and operative costs. Everything will be constantly communicated in a transparency page in the APP and officially certified by a third part company;
    3. you deposit and invest in Weople, creating your profile, your registration form data and all those further data which you want to send to your data account, activating, with your free choice and without any obligation imposed by the app, the Safe-Boxes, which you will find available and explained in your personal vault. As you will see, this is consumption data from your loyalty cards, data on the use of digital channels such as Social, Google, Amazon, etc. and your interests. Weople does not collect in any way other data about you than those indicated here and that you decide freely to invest.
  2. To achieve the stated objectives, you allow us, through this agreement, to:
    1. if you want, to represent you in the requests to exercise your Gdpr rights by conferring us a special mandate. You can always ask for updates on the accomplished activities.
    2. to allow profiling operations on the data you have deposited in your Weople account in order to send you communications and customized commercial offers. Weople will act as an intermediary with advertisers to convince them, based on aggregated data, to invest and to start campaign in the Weople platform. Your data will always be processed anonymously and in an aggregate way and never provided individually or personally to advertisers. This way of data investment will allow you to earn real money (not virtual), paid by advertisers and deposited directly in your piggy bank in the Weople App; at the same time it will also allow you to receive personalized offers in the best way possible;
    3. process your data and create general statistical models, therefore not referable to you personally. The models will then be used to enrich the databases of third parties always anonymously, protected, guaranteed by Weople and without transferring your data at an individual/personal level to third parties. This activity will grant you the possibility to join he prize draw.


General terms and conditions for the use of Weople


This Agreement shall be interpreted in the light of the following principles:

Ethics your personal data has an economic value. We believe this value belongs to you too, and not just to some distant and uncontrollable entity. Weople adopts a system that allows you to get the maximum possible value from your data, in a simple and intuitive way.

Data control and security You are free to decide how much data you want to invest. For this reason, Weople offers scalable settings that allow you to define your investment profile. All data is processed in compliance with the most stringent standards of technical and organizational security.

Equity Hoda is inspired by certain principles such as equity, social sustainability and sharing economy. We receive minimum shares of the revenue, covering costs (personnel, structure, research and development, etc..) and minimal operating profit. The rest is distributed to the User according to the redistribution model described in this page.

Transparency Weople is free for you, but not for Hoda. We bear all costs associated with maintaining the service, from a technical and commercial point of view. In order to show you the seriousness of our intentions, we have decided to show you the main aspects related to the management of the Company. In other words, the details regarding revenues, costs, prizes and money distributed through Weople are public and always available on the transparency page of the Application. Such information is certified by specialized companies and external with respect to Hoda.

Section I: Description of Weople, subject matter of the contract and registration

Art. 1 - Description of the service offered through Weople

Weople allows each User to acquire, store and invest their personal data in a controlled and protected manner (the "Service").

The Service provides for different reward systems according to the procedures set out in this document.

If you wish to receive a clear and descriptive representation of how Weople works, please watch the following video.

Art. 2 - Object of the Contract

This agreement ("Agreement") governs the relationship between you ("User") and Hoda S.r.l. ("Owner"), in relation to the use of the Service offered through the technical platform called Weople ("Weople" or “Application”). The Service includes the investment functionality of personal data ("Main Service") and other ancillary features referred to in Section III of this document (the "Ancillary Services").

The Service is free, also thanks to the existence of association agreements, shareholding and sponsorships with companies interested in supporting the initiative (“Partner” the first two and “Sponsor” the latter).

Art. 3 - Registration and account creation

To use Weople you are required to complete the registration process and (1) provide the requested information accurately, truthfully and correctly; (2) confirm your intention to register by entering the verification code you received via SMS and (3) keep your information up to date in the event of any changes during the use of the Application. At the end of the registration process you will be able to use your personal account on Weople (“Account”).
You should carefully protect your Account access details, passwords and any other items relevant to your use of the Service. In the event that you discover a breach of security of your Account, we ask you to report the matter immediately by writing to

Section II: The main service offered by Weople

Art. 4 - Logic and functioning of the Main Service

The Main Service allows you to take an economic benefit from the controlled and secure use of your personal data. This objective is achieved by the following scheme:
  1. Weople provides you with a personal caveau containing several Safe-Boxes relating to different areas of your digital life (social networks, purchase information from various e-commerce, loyalty cards, etc.);
  2. Upon registration, the User provides their personal data by activating one or more Safe-Boxes (to this end, you will have various tools, which we will talk about in the next few pages).
  3. Hoda processes, crosses and enriches the personal data stored through profiling tools and algorithms. The profiles created contain relevant information for interested companies ("Companies");
  4. Hoda offers to the Companies two types of services ("Investment activities"): (a) preparation of advertising campaigns and commercial offers exclusively within Weople’s Gain&Relax area and (b) integration of the Companies' databases with anonymous information held by Weople;
  5. As a result of this activity, the Companies pay a fee (also commensurate with the results) which is returned to the User in the form of money [for the hypotheses referred to in point (4)(a)] and rewards [for the hypotheses referred to in point (4)(b) above] (“ROI”).

Art. 5 – Pre-condition of the Contract in connection with the provision of the Main Service

Weople's objective is to value the personal data stored in the Safe-Boxes in order to redistribute to the User the revenues from the investment activity ("Pre-condition of the Contract").
The User acknowledges the Pre-condition of the Contract and accepts that the use of Weople involves the performance of all the activities set forth in Art. 4. Such activities shall be considered as inherent and strictly necessary to the provision of the Main Service.

Consequently, if the Users do not intend to authorize Weople to perform the aforementioned activities, then they are requested not to conclude the Agreement.

Art. 6 – Provision of personal data

The User may provide their personal data by activating one or more Safe-Boxes in the following ways:

  1. Direct data entry. The data can be entered by the User directly (for example, by filling in special questionnaires of interest, or in other ways, specified during use of the Application);
  2. Insertion by transfer from third-party. If the data is held by a third party (for example, social networks or a supermarket chain), the activation of the corresponding Safe-Box implies the free and automatic activation of the data portability procedure referred to in Articles 14 and 16 no. (2) of this Agreement.

The User agrees to deposit a minimum amount of personal data through the activation of at least one Safe-Box (“Minimum Contribution”).

Art. 7 - Profiling

Data stored in the Safe-Boxes are processed by Hoda for profiling purposes as indicated in the privacy policy of the service.
The profiling activity is carried out through the study and use of variables, technical characterizations, multivariate statistics and algorithms of artificial intelligence that allow to increase the value of the User’s personal data.

The User will always be free to eliminate or suspend the profiling in relation to the contents of the various Safe-Boxes.

Art. 8 – Data investment

Following the profiling activity, Hoda carries out commercial activities and offers the following services to the potentially interested Companies:

  1. Creation of advertising campaigns addressed to the Weople’s Users.
  2. Integration and enrichment of other companies’ databases.

Art. 9 – Advertising campaigns

Weople offers to the Companies the possibility of advertising in favour of Weople Users ("Advertising Campaign"). The Advertising Campaign takes place exclusively within the Gain&Relax area of the Application. Promotional messages are addressed to the Users ("Recipients") also according to the interests expressed or freely appreciated by Hoda through the activities set forth in Art. 7 of the present document.
The revenue generated by Advertising Campaigns is redistributed among the Recipients in the form of money. If provided for in the contract with the Company, Hoda may recognize to the User a further reward related to specific actions taken by the User including, by way of example, the purchase of the product or service advertised.

The amounts obtained by the User are credited within the Weople Wallet and can be converted into cash at any time. Hoda will fine-tune the methods of payment, communicate them to the User and make them available on the Application as soon as the functionality is available. The User will be able to choose freely between them.

Art. 10 - Declaration by the User

Commercial communications referred to in Art. 9 above are carried out without any damage to the User's electronic communication systems (e.g. e-mail and/or telephone). Consequently, the User declares that the promotions contained within the Gain&Relax area do not have the nature of unwanted communications.

Art. 11 - Integration and enrichment of third-party databases

The information contained in the Safe-Boxes, together with the knowledge and technologies available at Hoda, allow us to offer Companies a service of integration and enrichment of their databases.

Enrichment operations, performed in an anonymous, protected and guaranteed manner by Weople, are carried out by applying anonymous profiles and statistical analysis in aggregate form.. Hoda will never disclose the identity of the user to Companies, Partners and Sponsors.

The proceeds from the enrichment activity is distributed among users according to the rules set out in Art. 13 below.

Art. 12 – Proceeds

The implementation of the activities referred to in Articles 9 and 11 above is subject to remuneration by the Companies ("Proceeds").
Hoda is committed to making every reasonable effort to maximize the Proceeds. The User, however, acknowledges and accepts that the economic result of the sale of services may vary significantly depending on factors, including, by way of example and not limited to, market trends, quantity and quality of data provided by the User, type of interests expressed, purchases made as a result of the use of Weople and results obtained from the advertising campaign referred to in Art. 9.

Art. 13 – Awarding of Wecoins and distribution of prizes

Activation of Safe-Boxes involves the granting to the User of a virtual score ("Wecoins") as indicated in the Application.

The amount of Wecoins awarded depends on the number of Safe-Boxes activated by the User including all the data contained within them. The User is free to reduce the number of Safe-Boxes at any time. In this case, however, the amount of Wecoins will be reduced proportionally.

Depending on the amount of Wecoins held, the User will be included in one of the following categories of investors:

  1. Start from 1 to 99 Wecoins;
  2. Bronze from 100 to 199 Wecoins;
  3. Silver from 200 to 299 Wecoins;
  4. Gold from 300 to 399 Wecoins;
  5. Platinum from 400 to 499 Wecoins.

The investment categories allow the User to participate in the prize draw in accordance with the procedures set out here.

Section III: Ancillary Services

Weople's investment activities are supported by additional features ("Ancillary Services") that allow you to facilitate data acquisition and maximisemaximize return on investment.

Art. 14 – Exercise of Gdpr rights

The User may use Weople to contact its data controller and automatically exercise some of the rights guaranteed by the Gdpr. Currently, Weople allows the exercise of the following Gdpr rights:

(1) Withdrawal of consent in relation to the communication of User’s data to third parties (e.g., ecommerce, supermarket chains, internet service providers, etc). This right allows you to limit the uncontrolled communication of your data and use of it by parties other than the initial data controllers;

(2) Data portability from other data controllers for the activation of one or several Safe-boxes (e.g. social networks, internet service providers, etc.). The right to data portability allows you to enrich your personal caveau and take advantage of the controlled use of the data as provided in this document and in the privacy policy of Weople. If you decide to use this function, you automatically and expressly exercise your right to data portability under the GDPR and consequently request that your data is communicated directly to Hoda so as to make the automatic activation of the corresponding Safe-Box possible;

Art. 15 – Procedure for the exercise of GDPR rights

The Application provides an automated procedure marked by the following steps:

  1. Request by the User The request may be implicit [as is the case for data portability in the case of activation of a Safe-Box, see Art. 6, no. (2)] or explicit [for all rights that can be exercised in the section "Exercise rights"];
  2. Processing and sending of the request Processing and sending of the request, Weople processes the request and prepare a communication in the User own name. The communication is sent to the third-party Data Controller in order to declare the User’s intentions and to request the exercise of the selected right.
  3. Communications Hoda will communicate the outcome of the request to the User. The provisions of Art. 16 below shall apply as far as they are compatible.

Art. 16 – Request for further information while using Weople

The exercise of rights under Art. 14 may require additional identification measures by the third-party Data Controller to whom the request is made.
In such cases, Hoda mayt request, at any time and at its sole discretion, additional information relating to the User in order to enable the proper operation and delivery of the Services.

In particular, in order to prove the User’s identity to the contacted Data Controller, Weople may request the User themselves to upload their ID within “My Document” Section on the Application, or to use specific authentication services, possibly integrated into the Application via API.

Art. 17 - Delegation of powers

In order to facilitate the procedure for the exercise of their GDPR rights, the User can assigns to Hoda a mandate to handle correspondence with the data controllers and, if applicable with regard to the content of the Request, to receive personal data following the request for portability referred to in Art.20, par. 2, GDPR.

The mandate loses its effectiveness if the user suspends his investment activities or deletes his account.

Art. 18 – Data storage

The User may use Weople to deposit the Data provided during registration and possibly the Data acquired as a result of the data portability. This Data is of exclusive property of the User and, on the basis of this Agreement, the User does not grant any right of use unless necessary in order to provide the Services.

Sezione IV: Unauthorized Use, Account Cancellation and Limitations of Liability

Art. 19 - Unauthorised use of Weople

The User shall not use, copy, adapt, modify, prepare derivative works based on, distribute, license, sell, assign, publicly display, publicly perform, transmit, disseminate or otherwise exploit the content in Weople, the Weople Service or any part thereof, unless expressly permitted by this Agreement.

The User may not perform, attempt to perform, encourage or assist others in performing any of the following actions while accessing or using the Service: (1) use, mirror or frame the Service or any individual item within the Service, the name of Weople, any Weople or Hoda trademark, logo or other proprietary information, layout and design of any page or form contained on a page without the express written consent of Hoda; (2) access or tamper with any non-public areas of the Service, computer systems or technical delivery systems of Hoda providers; (3) verify the vulnerability of any Weople system or violate security or authentication measures; (4) circumvent any technological measures implemented by Hoda or third parties (including another User) that are in place to protect Weople or its contents; (5) modify, decompile, disassemble, reverse engineer, tamper with or otherwise attempt to obtain the source code of any software or any other part of the Service that Weople provides to them; (6) provide, upon registration, or subsequently to it, false information relating to their identity; (7) create multiple accounts; and (8) attempt to access another User's Account.

Art. 20 - Account Cancellation

You can deactivate your Account at any time through the interface of Weople or by contacting Hoda directly.
We may suspend or deactivate your Account if we believe that you have violated the Contract or that the use of the account may cause damage of any kind or result in violation of the law or regulations.

Data stored in the activated Safe Boxes will be definitely deleted together with user's account.

Any balance remaining in the Weople Wallet will be refunded to the User within 10 working days from the time of the request.

Art. 21 - Compensation and limitation of liability

Hoda does not bear any responsibility towards the User in case of non-compliance with the obligations set out in this Contract, if the non-compliance is caused (i) by third parties; (ii) by dysfunctions of computer systems not under the direct control of Hoda, or (iii) by other events beyond the control of Hoda

To the extent permitted by applicable law, Hoda is not responsible for loss of profit, business, goodwill, savings, contracts, use or loss of data, losses arising from acts or omissions of Hoda, or for any losses, costs, damages, charges or expenses purely economic, derived, indirect and special. The liability of Hoda will be limited to the amount received by the user for the period of 12 months prior to the date referred to in the claim.

Hoda will do everything in order to maximize the Proceeds and, consequently, the User’s ROI. However, the User acknowledges and accepts that Hoda, in performing the Service, assumes an obligation of means and not of result and, therefore, cannot in any way be held responsible for the economic results related to the investment of their data.

Similarly, the User acknowledges that the result related to the exercise of the rights referred to in the previous section depends on many factors, including technical obstacles, problems related to the behavior of the third party Data Controller, legislative and/or regulatory changes. The User accepts that these factors are beyond the control of Hoda and therefore cannot be charged to the Owner.

Section IV: Miscellaneous

Art. 22 - Use and interruption of the Service

The function of the Service requires the use of compatible devices (the "Devices and access to an Internet connection. In order to guarantee Users the best possible experience of the Service, Hoda may interrupt the Service itself due to maintenance or updates needs, and will inform the User through constant updates.

Art. 23 - Updating the Contract

This Agreement may be subject to change. In such circumstances, Hoda will notify you at least 15 days before the change takes place (e.g. by email or push notifications). Once the updated Terms become effective, acceptance of the latter will be deemed implied if you continue to use Weople.

We hope people will keep using our Products. However, if you do not accept our updated Terms and Conditions and wish to leave the Weople community, you may delete your account at any time.

Art. 24 - Intellectual Property Rights

All intellectual property rights in any content of the Application (including text, graphics, software, photographs and other images, video, audio, trademarks and logos) are owned by Hoda or its licensors.

The User agrees to access such materials exclusively for the use of the Service and in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement. No part of the Application, site or Service may be reproduced in any form or by any means. You agree not to modify, rent, lease, lend, sell, distribute, or create derivative works based on the Service.

Hoda, the Weople logo and other trademarks of Hoda, service marks, graphics and logos used in connection with the Service are trademarks or registered trademarks of the Supplier.

Art. 25 - Age requirements

The use of the Service is reserved for Users who have reached the age of sixteen.

Art. 26 - Applicable law and jurisdiction

The terms of this Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Italian and European law. The applicable jurisdiction is the Italian one and any dispute will be resolved exclusively by the Court of Milan.