About us

Weople is one of the main assets of HODA (Holistic Data Activation), an innovative start-up founded in January 2018.

The company was born from the virtuous encounter between the Intelligence of the New and the Intelligence of decades of experience, from the powerful union between new social trends, innovative technology and perfect knowledge of the market, its practices and its needs in terms of marketing and communication.

Our code of ethics is based on the following principles:

  • We have a strong belief: today more and more people have resources to act, to think, to relate. This leads or should lead us all to have more autonomy, more freedom and more awareness in the choices that we find ourselves doing every day in many areas of life, in purchasing, in politics, in relations with institutions and brands. HODA acts to help make all of this true, effectively supporting people, with ideas, tools and actions, in its realization.
  • We believe in the win-win between People and Companies, and being able to realize it by investing many years of work and experience in the world of communication, years of relationships, successes, advice, and perfect knowledge of the world of companies and communication. This is our commitment as mediators between people and companies, a commitment whose strength is a mix of the intelligence of experience and of the new.
  • We believe in privacy and in terms of transparency and guarantee, therefore, we defend and practice everything that is always in favor of people.
  • We exclude: Weople is not available to do business with companies that produce and market weapons, smoking, betting and pornography.
  • We exclude: even if the following clearly emerges from the terms & conditions, to avoid any doubt or misinterpretation, we reiterate here that Weople, by code of ethics and practice, even if it came into being by the investment of its Users, does not sell or will sell data referring to customers - single or in group - of a company to another company, competitors or non-competitors.

As a matter of fact, we are a Shared Company operating in the modern and sharing economy, with great attention to the concepts of ethics, sustainability and social responsibility, which is deeply inspired by our action and the creation of services.