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The first bank to invest your data and gain value from it, while protecting it and activating your privacy rights. Free and effortless.

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Does Weople buy and/or sell my personal data?

Our big element of difference in the digital world, which we emphasize with great strength and pride, is that Weople does not sell or buy personal data or user profiles. In Weople everyone is free to deposit and remove what he wants, Weople does not pay for this data and does not claim ownership of it in any way. Data will always remain segregated, protected and available to the subscriber and will never be released from Weople in a personal form or attributable to an individual. On the market, Weople values ​​only aggregated and anonymous data (which by law are not personal data). All the practices and techniques we adopt are based on these principles and are transparent and verifiable.

Our goals

  1. Give people an easy tool for them to apply the GDPR and act their rights. Give people a tool for having, knowing and controlling their data
  2. Give people a tool to earn money from their data, to participate in this growing and very important market with consciousness and highly protective privacy systems
  3. Use data to help people and families to get services that can protect them, bring savings and make them feel better
  4. Give people a high-level and reliable data storage service, with full data availability
  5. Apply strong and modern principles of ethics and transparency. Apply an economic approach based on both voluntary margin limitations and sharing economy plus social sustainability principles
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Digital data, the new black gold!

We produce it every day, simply by living our connected lives, and it’s becoming increasingly important! Some people make huge amounts of money from it: data is sold and used to fine-tune products and services and to send us infinite advertising.

Do we make money from it?

In Italy, the value of data is approximately one and a half billion euros a year. Of course we - the only true producers and owners of data - have earned nothing from it until now.

Today, all together, we can change the rules of the game

On 25 May 2018, a new law came into force in 28 European countries: law no. 679/2016, also known as the GDPR. Weople decided to use this to build something concrete and useful for all of us.

At Weople, we can open our own “data account”

Weople is like a bank, but of a completely new type and without the shortcomings of a conventional bank. Here we can deposit and gain value from our data and activate the most important rights granted by the GDPR. Weople will do this without any charge and give you back up to 90% of the profit your data generates, net of costs.

But how is it possible to earn without spending and without effort?

It’s not a miracle and it’s not a trick, it’s simply a matter of intelligence: Weople acts to recover part of the value generated by our data on the market. This value will be mostly redistributed to Weople account holders and used to pay the service costs.

The personal bank vault

This is a secure, protected space where you can deposit your digital data and have control over it at all times.

It’s simple: just a click to activate the safe deposit box and Weople does the rest for you.

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Gain&relax - Profit and entertainment

Thanks to Weople, the data you invest will be will generate benefits for you in 3 ways: “Piggy bank”, “Personalised offers” and “Prizes”. Moreover, every day here you can receive and view useful information, news and personalised messages selected by Weople on the basis of your interests.

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Activate your rights

In this section, Weople will help you to effortlessly activate the enhanced rights granted to all of us by the new European GDPR law, particularly the right to restriction and objection to the processing of personal data by third parties.

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The personal bank vault: the heart of Weople

Gain&Relax: profit and entertainment

Activate your rights

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