Article 20 of the GDPR – the General Data Protection Regulation, which came into force in Italy on 25 May 2018, introduces the new right to data portability, which differs in many respects from the right to access, although closely connected. The right to data portability allows you to receive the personal data you have provided to a data controller in a structured, commonly-used and machine-readable format, and to transmit this data to another controller. The ultimate aim is to give you more control over your personal data.
Thanks to the GDPR, regardless of the fact that you may have consented at some point to the processing of your personal data, and - perhaps unknowingly - also agreed to allow a firm to transfer your data to a third party, you can now decide to suspend or withdraw your consent, freely and consciously. Weople is here to help you convey your request to firms you choose to approach, and inform you when your request is successful.

Basically it means combining your data with that of a large number of other account holders in the very first bank of personal data. Weople acts on your behalf, and asks you only to activate your safe deposit box, and we work with anonymised, aggregated data to obtain important information which is useful to firms for the identification of their target consumers. The overall value of the data - the largest portion and up to 90% of the total sum, less the cost of running the platform - is redistributed to all our account holders as various types of benefit (to find out more, go to the Gain&Relax area or consult the transparency page from the main menu).

Weople allows you to invest - always with total individual freedom of choice and in full compliance with the new data protection law - GDPR - all data associated with your digital accounts. You can immediately deposit and invest data from your social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn), purchases against personal loyalty cards (for example, Esselunga, Coop, Auchan, Mediaworld, Ikea and other firms), online purchases through e-commerce accounts (Amazon, Zalando, E-price, Yoox and others), digital data linked to your Google and Apple accounts, a selection of your interests, and finally a short description of yourself. In the months to come, Weople will add new safe deposit boxes, and inform you when these are available This means the process of investing data can continue, allowing you to increase the Wecoins you collect and thus to increase your earnings and your likelihood of winning a prize in the draws.
Weople was conceived to provide an opportunity for all of us; it’s built by people, for people. This means its primary mission is to valorise people’s data in order to give them a share of the data market, which is constantly growing and which today is run and shared between the giant web firms. This is why Weople advises you to invest in at least 4 of the available safe deposit boxes, because this amount of information will enable you to gain considerable value from your data and allow you to access the Gain&Relax menu, with attractive odds of winning in the prize draws and numerous personalised offers, as well as adding to your personal piggy bank. By registering with Weople, you agree to deposit a minimum quantity of personal data by activating at least one safe deposit box (“Minimum deposit”). To find out more, read the Terms & Conditions document from the app menu or the website weople.space
In the interests of maximum transparency and in accordance with the essential principles of the GDPR, Weople allows its account holders to access and modify their data and suspend part or all of their deposits, right up to the complete deletion of their profile. Account holders can effectively make use of a simple and intuitive way of managing their data deposit/investment in individual safe deposit boxes, and decide whether to suspend, reactivate or delete their profile or only certain data.
We produce digital data every day simply by living a connected life, using social media, purchasing items online or at the supermarket, browsing the internet in pursuit of our interests, and booking flights and holidays via the web. All these activities constantly generate personal data, which belongs to individuals but until now has been handled exclusively by firms. Depositing your data with Weople simply means taking back part of its value. It’s extremely simple and it’s a sensible and intelligent thing for everyone to do. By doing this, businesses lose nothing, but people can undoubtedly gain something.
Bear in mind that, until very recently, many firms used our data in perfect autonomy and solitude, considering it (and us with it) as their property. Therefore, despite the legal requirements, the system needs to adjust, and Weople has a difficult task, at least at first: we have to push, break down resistance, cite the law and find the best ways to systematically bring the data into your account. This is why you activate it and Weople does the rest, informing you when everything is completed. And this is another reason to join together with Weople, because more people have more power to apply pressure, to be duly heard and really be able to get our rights respected.
With Weople, you can enter a personal bank vault where you can deposit your data in specific safe deposit boxes. There are various kinds of boxes to hold different types of data. To deposit data, all you do is activate the relevant safe deposit box with a few simple steps; for example, to activate a loyalty card, you can use the barcode reader function to enter the code on the card (or enter it manually, if the card doesn’t have a barcode), and complete a short form with the name and surname linked to the card. VERY IMPORTANT: The new GDPR concerns personal data, so it is extremely important to activate only your personal accounts and loyalty cards, making sure they are in your name and that the details entered - name, surname, email etc - are correct. If this information is incorrect, the firm that controls the data will not recognise the user, and our request for the portability of data associated with the account or card will not be successful.
It’s very simple. To start with, the box is empty and ready to be activated. By clicking on the + button, you enter the safe deposit box and activate it. If the data is available immediately, as is the case with your description of yourself and your interests, the box turns blue, indicating that the box is active and the data is deposited. If the data is not available immediately, in other words Weople has received the account-holder’s request for data portability on activation of the account, but has to request the data from the controller who holds it, the box will indicate an intermediate status (white and blue), which turns blue once the data is available. Weople will inform you when this happens, and from that moment your data will begin to be invested.
Weople’s great strength lies in the approach and experience of the team behind it, and the virtuous meeting of new intelligence and intelligence gained from decades of experience on the market. Weople will constitute a direct marketing platform able to offer proposals and messages to attractive target audiences. Specifically, Weople will approach client firms and invite them to use the app to convey deals, personalised offers and/or communication to segments of account- holders which Weople has proven - using data - to be potentially interested. Obviously, without ever giving personal data to the firms and acting as a filter and sole platform to access the data. This activity will generate two types of benefit for you: a personal piggy bank where you can accumulate earnings in real money, and a portfolio of personalised offers which you’re free to decide whether to accept or not. In parallel, Weople will invest blocks of anonymous and secure data in the market which generates most value at that point in time: it’s a kind of data “stock exchange” which functions every day with mechanisms not unlike an auction. In this case, the value generated is no longer personal but from the entire platform, and it will come back to you via a system of prize draws on periodic basis.
The architecture of the environments that host Weople use the most advanced methods of data protection (Secure by Design), precisely to guarantee account holders complete security and protection of their personal data. Data is deposited in a private safe deposit box which is protected by various security and encryption devices by means of data tokenisation systems. These systems allow data to be physically separated so that it cannot be traced to an individual. All this is done to ensure maximum security and protection for your personal data.
Personal data is encrypted, in other words converted to a code which can be reversed using a randomly-generated encryption key (a token). Furthermore, personal data is stored in a separate, protected database in a state of constant encryption. This data (telephone number and email address only) is used only where necessary for essential functions of the app, for example to contact you to collect a prize from the draw, and accessed by using the token temporarily and solely for the operation required.
To generate value, Weople works in two main ways: It will constitute a direct marketing platform able to offer proposals and messages to attractive target audiences from interested clients and businesses. This will be done, obviously, without ever giving personal data to the firms and acting as a filter and sole platform to access the data. In the advertising market, the firm usually pays to reach attractive targets and offer them goods and services. This will be the case with Weople too, with the major difference that the money will not go to the intermediaries and tech firms that process data, but directly to the account holders. Let’s imagine the client firm is willing to pay 0.5 cents per person: by applying the calculations we mentioned, a large proportion of these cents would go straight into the PERSONAL PIGGY BANK(in the Gain&Relax area) of each account holder in the target audience for that particular firm. But that’s not all: if the client firm has used Weople for other purposes than advertising, the account holder will also find offers in the PERSONALISED OFFERS folder of the same area. NB: Weople account holders have absolutely no obligation to make a purchase or even look at an advertisement or an offer. They do so only if they choose and consider it interesting, in complete freedom. How much value can we generate? That depends on how good Weople are at finding clients, but also on the quantity and quality of the data. Weople will invest blocks of anonymous and secure data in the market which generates most value at that point in time (this is where our digital identities are currently exchanged without too much regard for our privacy). It’s a kind of data “stock exchange” which functions every day with mechanisms not unlike an auction. So the amount of value we generate will vary from month to month, because the market value fluctuates. What’s certain is that, unfortunately, if we calculate the value of data on an individual basis, it amounts to very few cents a year. But if there are large numbers of us, we can generate a decent periodic sum and redistribute it by means of PRIZE DRAWS, in which we amalgamate the value generated and allocate it in a way that’s meaningful for many people, if not all. Weople’s intention is to continue with periodic draws.
Weople is working to introduce digital payment systems for users of the platform. This means it will soon be in a position to enable account holders to make payments. In the meantime, Weople will establish agreements with firms operating in e-commerce or digital payments, in order to make the money accumulated in your personal piggy bank available to spend. You’ll receive regular updates on the progress of these developments in your personalised news section or notifications.
Wecoin is Weople’s virtual currency, and it represents the level of investment of personal data deposited in the bank vault. Wecoins are extremely important because they allow you to improve your investor level, thus increasing your likelihood of winning prizes in the draws, as well as making your profile more attractive to firms seeking to make personalised offers and even paying sums of money, which are accumulated in your personal piggy bank.
Weople recommends inviting and involving your friends and family, and rewards you with its virtual currency, Wecoin. Send your code by text, email or WhatsApp! If your code is entered in the Weople registration form, you’ll receive 2 Wecoins for each of the first 10 friends or family members, and 1 Wecoin for each subsequently. It’s simple, and it increases your number of Wecoins, allowing you to climb the levels!
Let’s look at the levels in detail:
  1. Start level: 1 to 100 Wecoins
  2. Bronzo level: da 101 to 200 Wecoins
  3. Argento level: da 201 to 300 Wecoins
  4. Oro level: da 301 to 400 Wecoins
  5. over 400 Wecoins, every additional coin increases your chances by one for each of the levels (101, 102, etc).
For the distribution of value through prize draws, it’s important to improve your level and keep accumulating Wecoins; in fact when you increase your level, for example from silver to gold, you take part in all the draws for the previous levels with maximum permitted probability (100), and, for the gold level, with the chances corresponding to the coins you have in that level: for example, with 350 Wecoins, you have 50/100 chances for the gold level and 100/100 for the previous levels. This means the number of coins within each level influences your likelihood of winning each draw.
Just as happens in a bank, Weople is able to valorise data as soon as it becomes available. This means that when you activate the safe deposit boxes, Weople has to make contact with the firms that currently hold your data and request the right to data portability.
While this is happening, you cannot receive any rewards; you have to wait until your data arrives on the platform and starts to co-generate value.
The time it takes depends on the number of account holders who request their personal data, and the willingness of firms to respect the rights of the account holders. And this is another reason to join together with Weople, because more people have more power to apply pressure, to be duly heard and really be able to get our rights respected. Weople will always inform you, in the interests of transparency, when your data arrives and how it will be valorised. For further information, consult the Transparency page on the main menu.