Economic data

2020 was for us a year of consolidation of tools and market development. Although the particularly difficult period, in which we all found ourselves, obviously damaged our activities, already at the end of September we recorded growth compared to 2019. We will have even better numbers in the year-end financial statements and we hope to be able to reach the breakeven in 2021. This will be a very important moment because it will mean that we will be able to start having resources that will allow us to expand the services for the Weople community and also to be able to start returning the value in the App.In conclusion, as can be seen, there is a constant progress: despite all the difficulties of the pandemic and those related to the battles we have faced in the name of conscious, democratic and remunerated management of our data. The news in this regard, which have accumulated in this last quarter of the year, are many and favorable to the Weople community: you can read more in the News section of the site.

rendicontazione fino a fine settembre 2020

The first year of HODA's activities has ended. 2019 was heavily dedicated to commitments and investments to build and develop all the tools. As we can see, however, together with these commitments, we recorded the first related revenues: as we expected from the analysis of the second quarter 2019 report

bilancio 2019

In the second publication you can see the economic statement updated on August 31st. In the last four months the investments towards the growth of the business and the improvement of the platforms are still high, which is perfectly normal for an innovative start-up like ours. We got the first contract for a job not inherent our main assets. For the end of the year we expect the first revenues related to our main assets.

First eight months of 2019 economic data

As promised, we are publishing today the economic report of the first four-month period. You may appreciate the significant investments that characterize our start-up activity, which are necessary for the existence of the platform and to collect results for everyone’s benefit. The activity is notably developing, both from a technical and commercial side. Let’s continue to support and grow the community by word of mouth because union is our greatest strength!

Economic data