The Redistribution Agreement between the User and Weople

Weople allows you to gather your data and enhance it through technologies, skills and services available at Hoda. Weople also allows for you to contribute your data to the market, in a strictly anonymous and protected form.

Data investment is possible thanks to Hoda's experience in the fields of data science, statistics and marketing information. The company provides services of various kinds, such as Lifekosmos, which is independent from Weople but, at the same time, strongly interconnected with it. LifeKosmos make possible the transformation of "raw" data (saved in your Safe-Box) into "processed" data. The processed data is of value to companies and they are willing to pay (the Proceed) in exchange for the processed data.

The Proceeds of the investment activity is redistributed to you, minus the amounts deducted for the following cost items:

  • Costs for services costs for the purchase or use of goods and services (electricity, utilities, security, etc.). Some of these services may also be internal to the company, but distinct from Weople. A good example is the Lifekosmos analysis service, used as a tool to enhance the data present in the Safe-Boxes of Weople.
  • Personnel costs cost related to the payment of employees and consultants for the quota attributable to Weople. Hoda uses the benchmark of the maximum theoretical reference from Silicon Valley for the definitions of salaries, allowances and incentives for the various rofessionals involved.
  • Costs for the use of third party assets rents for the use of assets belonging to third parties (commercial property, computer infrastructure, etc)
  • Depreciation multi-year cost allocated according to the useful life of an asset. This cost plays a role in the determination of the income of the respective financial years;
  • Legal and voluntary reserves provisions imposed by law or deemed appropriate by Hoda's management in order to ensure the adequate capitalization of the company in view of the development plan discretionally defined within. Voluntary reserves, once released, are distributed to the Users according to the ordinary redistribution criteria.
  • Taxes.

The above elements are the budget "items" that allow Weople to operate. The budget items must be deducted before redistribution in favor of the User takes place. The ("Operating revenue") amount thus obtained is returned at 90% of net revenue to all users in the form of money and rewards.